Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kentucky Derby 2016 ticket info

Hello, friends! Long time, no see.

Tickets for the 2016 Derby go on sale November 10th at 10 am Eastern. Please make a note of that Eastern time thing! That means 9 am Central, 8 am Mountain and 7am Pacific (yikes!). I almost missed out one year because I forgot about the whole time zone thing. Be sure to register your email address here. If you aren't registered, they won't send you a link to buy tickets and you'll have to go the StubHub/scalper route. 

This year Churchill Downs has partnered with TicketSlaveMaster. This can't be good. Has anyone ever had anything positive to say about TicketMaster? 

The Details (all tickets include tickets to the Oaks and the Derby)

Sections 121-128 and 221-225 cost $340-500. These are bleacher seats.

Sections 226-228 cost $442-460. These are stadium style, flip-up seats.

Section 110 cost $695 for uncovered seats and $795 for covered seats. These tickets include food and drinks and "dedicated bathrooms." These are the only tickets to not increase in price this year. They're actually cheaper than they were in 2013.  But these have a crummy view. I talked about them at the bottom of this post

Box seats are being sold in sections 111, 120, 212, and 325. Boxes are sold as 6 seats together and the prices are:
Sections 111 and 120- $2,499-3,100
Section 212- $2,875
Section 325- $5,995 

Section 325 is where it gets fuzzy. Last year prices included 6 tickets to Taste of the Derby and this year's email doesn't mention that. In 2013 we had a box in 324 and paid $2,556 (did not include Taste of the Derby tickets, which I wouldn't want anyway. There are far too many great places to eat in Louisville). Now a box in 325 (not as good as 324!) costs more than double? I don't get it.

You also have the option of getting a 6 seat table on the Plaza Balcony for $6,300-7,200. The good news is you'll get to see the jockeys walk by on their way to the paddock. The bad news is you just paid over a grand for a seat that doesn't even have a view of the track. It does include a buffet (but a cash bar) and "walking access" to the third floor clubhouse to watch the races. I assume it's standing room only in the clubhouse.

New in 2015 was the Courtyard which offers "a front row seat to thunderous racing and winning celebrations." It's in sections 118 and 119 and is next to the winner's circle. Tickets are $1,400.

I know you're wondering, "What about you? Are you going to the Kentucky Derby in 2016?" Actually, I know you're not but I'll tell you anyway. The answer is no. I used to think I would absolutely DIE if I didn't go but we didn't go in 2015 and I survived. Granted, I had trips to Puerto Rico and London to look forward to but it just costs SO MUCH MONEY to go! It's a super fun amazing time but we spent almost the same amount on our week long trip to Puerto Rico as we do on a three day trip to the KY Derby. I know, comparing the Kentucky Derby and Puerto Rico is apples and oranges but if I'm going to drop that amount of money, I think I'm ready to see more of the world.

And I'm kind of pissed at Churchill Downs, to be honest. I've kept all my ticket emails and ticket prices have increased anywhere from 8-58% in three years. That's just stupid. My bank account certainly hasn't increased 58% in the past three years! Not to mention, we need a new roof and a bunch of other home improvement stuff. Being an adult sucks sometimes.

So if you decide to get tickets on November 10th, best of luck to you!

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