Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where to buy Kentucky Derby hats

I did a very brief trip to shop for my Kentucky Derby hat this past weekend but it was a complete bust. I bought my hat last year on March 8th (yes, I scrolled through my Facebook feed to find out the exact date) but since Easter is three weeks later this year than last year, the store was barren of gorgeous Kentucky Derby hats.

So, where does one start shopping for a hat worthy of the Kentucky Derby?

For me, I start in a department store at the mall where the African American women shop. Let's face it, white women just don't wear hats of this caliber. I tried the big flagship Macy's but it wasn't in the right neighborhood. I also found that while Macy's might have better prices with all their sales, Dillard's has a much bigger selection.

My 2011 and 2012 Kentucky Derby hat

Costume jewelry stores are a good place to look, too. My first Kentucky Derby hat came from one of these stores. It was inexpensive and it didn't stand the test of time but it was a good place to start.

 My first Kentucky Derby hat, 2008

And then there's the internet. Here are some websites with a good selection of hats

Etsy has a ton of sellers with Kentucky Derby hats. A few of my favorite Etsy shops- The Original Tree, Carolina Hat Girl, and Award Design.
Dee's Crafts in Louisville has a mind blowing selection of hats. 
Hats in the Belfry
Lady Diane Hats
Maggie Mae Designs
Just be sure to check the return policy if you order online!

Another tip- if you need a hat box, the Container Store has square hat boxes with string handles.

I'm going to try again in a couple weeks. I hope I have better luck!

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