Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Top 3 Things to Bring to the Kentucky Derby (That Aren't Money)

You'll need money at the Kentucky Derby, lots and lots of money. That's pretty much the most important item to bring to the Kentucky Derby but here are my top 3 items I find are crucial for making your day at the Derby a success.

#1. Neoprene koozie. 
Keeps your drinks cool! Why neoprene, you ask? Because they fold flat and they fit the mint julep glasses perfectly. Beer bottles don't have a perfect fit but it'll do. It's my attempt to dress up a big ol' bottle of Miller Lite. Despite the dress, hat and manicure, it's hard to look classy when you're drinking a bright blue 16 ounce bottle of beer. In past years, I went the girly route with a pink koozie with green ribbon with pink horses on it but this year I'll be slipping my drinks into a Game of Thrones koozie.
Winter is coming. Actually it feels like winter will never end

The koozie possibilities are endless! You can bring a Lily Pulitzer koozie, match your dress with an oh so popular chevron koozie, nothing says Derby like seersucker or there's even a koozie with a bow tie! Or just bring that Corona one you got for free on spring break a few years ago. Whatever floats your boat (and keeps your drinks cool).

#2. Travel sized pack of Kleenex
Have you ever found yourself in a port-o-potty that has run out of toilet paper? I have but it was no big deal since I had my travel size pack of tissues! It's worth the 99 cents.

#3 Cheap plastic poncho
Umbrellas are a no-no at Churchill Downs. If you try to bring one in, they'll take it from you. So if there's rain in the forecast, you'll want to bring a cheap plastic poncho. You can find them in the camping aisle at Target or Walmart or sometimes at a dollar store. Hopefully we won't need them this year, though!

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