Wednesday, February 19, 2014

El Camino Real Stakes - I got it right!

Finally! My imaginary* exacta would have paid out!

I liked 2- Puppy Manners based on the trainer's record and the horse's recent performances (definitely not on the name because Puppy Manners is a dumb name for a horse),  4- Tamarando based on the jockey, trainer, high Beyer Speed Figure, and race performances, 5- Enterprising because jockey Gary Stevens seems to be on fire lately and Enterprising has had some impressive wins and 8- Dance with Fate based on his route races.

So I wrote down what I would have bet if I had been at the track and did two exactas- 4/8 and 5/2. And that's exactly how they came in! 4-8-5-2! Of course since 4 and 8 were the favorites, I would have cashed a ticket for only $13.70 but that'll get me one mint julep with some money left over for another bet!

The Southwest Stakes took place on Monday and I tried to handicap it but it was snow day #8 for my kids and my heart wasn't in it. It's hard to concentrate when it's the 8th snow day of the school year (will it ever end?!?) and the theme song from Super Hero Squad is blaring from the living room. So I had to lay down my handicapping pen, make a cup of tea and curse that groundhog and his shadow. Screw you, Phil.

It starts to get real this weekend when races are now worth 5--20-10-5 points so I'll definitely be paying attention from here on out. I'm getting excited! 72 days! Hat shopping is right around the corner!

*Why imaginary? Because I live in Missouri and I can't bet online- at least on any reputable sites. Which is probably a good thing since my track record is pretty damn bad.

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