Saturday, April 19, 2014

My tips for a successful trip to the Kentucky Derby!

We're only two weeks away! Hopefully you have your tickets, your hotel reservations, and your outfit. The next week and a half is the hard part- the prep races are over and post positions haven't been determined yet so there's nothing to do but wait. While you wait, here are my tips for a comfortable trip to the Kentucky Derby.

First, review my Top Three Tips:
Don't drink too much the night before and have a miserable morning.
Bring a back up pair of comfortable shoes.
If you just have to have a certain souvenir, buy it early in the day.

Review my Top Three Things to Bring to the Derby (that aren't money).
Travel pack of Kleenex
Cheap plastic poncho, if there's rain in the forecast

Bring a spare bag for mint julep glasses. Even if it's just a plastic grocery bag, it's nice to have somewhere to put your julep glasses. And don't throw away your past performance papers after each race- wrap your glasses up in them for extra padding.

Pack your painkiller of choice, just in case you didn't remember my #1 Tip of not drinking too much the night before.

Put a couple anti diarrhea pills in your purse or pocket. Just in case, better safe than sorry. It's long day of port-o-potties and long lines for said potties. 'Nuff said.

Bring a few Bandaids in case your heels or dress shoes rub a few hot spots on your feet.

There are two more races after the Kentucky Derby race but the majority of the crowd leaves after the Derby.  Stick around, place a few more bets and let the crowds clear out.

For some reason, they say "Last call" shortly before the Derby. I have never seen them actually stop selling alcohol so don't bother stocking up.

Eat a big breakfast! Especially you whipper snappers headed to the infield. And pace yourself. Don't be the guy puking in the trashcan at 2 pm. Yeah, I saw you last year and I laughed at you. Rookie.

 Most importantly, have fun and be nice. There will be over 100,000 people there. It's a crowded, expensive day but it's worth it. Hopefully you'll cash some tickets and create some great memories.

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